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Hi, I'm Jordan...

Jordan Frasier is a multitalented Emmy-winning producer, writer, and maker who has worked at the highest levels of network television and with the highest-profile figures and companies of the day.  His unique ears, eyes, and tastebuds for the stories in everyday life make his work memorable for television, corporate or personal events, individual branding, lifestyle coaching, and advocacy.

Jordan is passionate about making the conversation around mental health more realistic – especially while using baking as therapy – and fostering community in connection in an all too often isolated world.  His past work includes NBC News, The Washington Post, USA Today, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, Microsoft, Amazon, FOX, A/E, NewsNation, and The History Channel.


He is nimble to produce network television for millions or an intimate dinner party for a few – making everything a treat for the eyes, the ears, and the ‘spirit of the reason.’  That’s it… the reason why… is the story we are all looking to unfold, and it’s the story Jordan loves to help tell.


Jordan produces and hosts the podcast “I’m Close w/ Jordan Frasier,” which looks at the space between impetus and action where we tap into our most authentic selves, passions, and truths.  His festive look at the ‘Bazar Holidays’ was published during the 2022 holiday season. He is working hard on his first book, “Too Little. Too Much. Too Close.”.  He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his beagle-mix rescue, Ben.

Find out more at and on Instagram @jordanjfrasier.

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